5 ways a Hosted Desktop can Benefit Estate Agents

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Whats not to like about the Cloud? Secure, cost effective and unshackles you from the office. Some business categories can benefit more than others – Estate agents to name but one, we have put together what we consider the top 5 reasons why Estate Agents should consider making the switch:

1. Disaster recovery
Whats the worst that could happen? If disaster struck and you lost all or some of your client information what would be the repercussions to your business. How long would it take your business to get back up and running if for instance there was a fire or theft even a hardware fault. With a Hosted Desktop your employees can get back up and running quickly even in a different location.

2. Efficiency
Small or big any business can loose money caused by downtime that is the result of hardware failure. With a Hosted Desktop if there is an IT problem you simply move to another PC or device to continue working.

3. Connected workers
No more emailing files to each other the cloud enables your employees to seamlessly share files and data. This is far more secure than using email or USB storage devices which could fall into the wrongs hands.

4. Reduce your IT costs
Part and parcel of Cloud Hosted Desktops is that you are paying for a service not the hardware it runs on. There are a team of IT professionals that look after the IT hardware incase of any issues. No more IT nightmares for you to try and sort out.

5. Remote working
One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is the ability to work on the move. No longer will you be tied to your desk. Estate agents are busy people attending viewings and meetings. A hosted desktop gives you access to your data and programs where ever you are (even on the beach!).

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