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The facts about IT security

IT security is a topic of conversation that is likely to be a cause for concern for companies of all sizes. There is a perception that larger businesses have superior security, but this isn’t always true. Just ask telecoms giant TalkTalk who were hacked in 2015 and had significant amounts of data stolen, leading to some customers falling victim to fraud. Yahoo also had a few issues which led to the login details of over a billion accounts going missing!

This shows that it isn’t size that determines the vulnerability of company to an IT security breach. It’s the perceived risk, the culture of the business and the security measures that are in place. Big businesses may be at least as vulnerable as their mid-market and SMB counterparts when they don’t have the right safeguards in place.

In the main, security in many office environments is not in line with best practice, the best cloud IT solutions help businesses to address this.

Superior security in the cloud

Cloud offers superior security over and above those that are typically found in most office environments, including:

  • Digital and network security
    • In terms of data privacy, cloud solutions are hosted in data centres secured to ISO 27001, the de facto standard for IT security.
    • 256-bit encryption is something of a default standard for data in motion and at rest in the cloud. It is unlikely that 256-bit encryption would be available by default for all data in transit or storage on standard office systems.
  • Physical security
    • Any data centre secured to ISO 27001 also meets requirements for standards for physical security. This exceeds the physical security of any standard office environment or business premises, and includes 24×7 security guarding, access control measures, CCTV and other electronic security, no unaccompanied access to data halls, and locked rooms and doors.

Essentially, the best cloud solutions offer digital and physical security that cannot be matched by an on-premise approach to IT.

Get superior IT security with Serviced Cloud

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