Complete data protection for compliance, security and disaster recovery.


Full redundancy and 24/7 monitoring, ensuring the highest level of reliability.


Full UK-based support by telephone. live chat or email, direct to our technology centre

Hosted Desktops

Cloud Ark hosted desktops provide you with a desktop experience that feels just like your own PC.

The beauty is that it can be accessed by any other PC, laptop, phone or tablet that is capable of displaying it. What’s more, it is backed up automatically every day!


Full I.T. Support

Our Microsoft Windows hosted desktops provide you with the same functionality as a traditional PC, but dramatically upgrade your user experience and capabilities.

Our hosted desktops are capable of running all of your PC applications.

Features of Cloud Ark Hosted Desktop

FREE unlimited technical support, from experienced professionals

Remote access to your applications and data from anywhere

All data is stored in a secure data centre using highly robust 128 bit SSL encryption

FREE setup and migration of your data to the cloud

Daily backup of your data directly to our secure data centre

UK Based Data centre, complies with data protection

Secure access to your hosted desktop from any computer

FREE upgrades to server hardware and software

Daily Backup

To keep your data secure

UK based

Complies with Data Protection.

IT Support

Fully managed.

Managed Migration

Minimise disruption.


Security and Reliability

Cloud Ark performs daily back-ups for their clients, and data is stored securely in a UK-based data centre with backup power and generators, cooling, fire systems and 24-hour security making it infinitely safer than an in-house server set-up.

Flexible Working

With a hosted desktop, users can log on to their own desktops and their entire suite of business software applications – from their customer database to their accounting packages, as well as their emails, files and data – from any location, using any device.

Benefits of being in the Cloud

Always online | Always accessible | Always Backed up

Reduce Your IT costs

Moving to a hosted desktop service removes the need for costly capital expenditure on physical servers, license renewals and external I.T. support. With a low fixed monthly pay-as-you-go price – only paying for what you use, which will improve cash flow and result in more predictable budgeting.

Daily Data backup

Rather than having to manually backup and store data, files that are located on Cloud Ark hosted desktops are backed up automatically. Your business-critical data is protected and your business will not have to suffer the catastrophic consequences of data loss in the event of a major disaster.


Move your business to the Cloud today

Are you ready to take your business into the cloud?

With no setup fees and no contract you are just one click away. Our hosted desktop is available from 1 to unlimited users, new users can be added with 24 hours notice, giving you total flexibility.

Custom desktop specifications also available

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Hosted Desktop

Allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime on any device. Not only fast and secure but brings a new level of mobility to your organisation. Remove the risk and burden of managing your own office IT.

Secure Document Exchange

Share files and documents instantly. Seamless file-sharing storage and e-signature solutions for you and your clients, with the utmost security built-in.

Web Hosting & Design

We can transfer your web hosting to Cloud Ark or create a custom built website for your business. Let us take care of you online. Reliable, fast & secure.