What is a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted desktops, sometimes referred to as virtual desktops or cloud computing allows your computer and applications to follow you around from device to device in a secure and reliable way.

A hosted desktop stores all files, emails and applications in a cloud data centre, which can be accessed through the internet on any device, from anywhere.

A hosted desktop looks and feels no different to a physical desktop. A traditional desktop accesses and stores data, applications and email on the hard disk drive, while a hosted desktop stores everything in a secure monitored data centre.

How do you connect to a Hosted Desktop?

Connecting to your hosted desktop is easy; all you have to do is login using the link we provide on your desktop or via our webpage to launch your Cloud Ark hosted desktop. Cloud Ark uses Windows Remote Desktop to securely connect your computer or internet connected device to our servers.

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Hosted Desktops from £25 per user per month. Secure, reliable & flexible.

Reasons to use a Hosted Desktop

Right after the question “What is a hosted desktop?” is answered the next question is “Why use a hosted desktop?” There are several benefits compared to a standard desktop computer, including: faster computer performance, managed file backups and improved security / virus protection, not to mention the fact that you are no longer responsible for keeping the computers running.

Reduce your I.T. budget

By eliminating a physical server, you’ll save money on IT consultants and costly upgrades and downtime. With a low monthly fee you will benefit from a predictable IT budget.

Faster performance

At Cloud Ark we use the latest, most effective technology from our state-of-the-art data centre resulting in the fastest virtual desktop experience available. This means that you can focus on your operations and growing your business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

At Cloud Ark we take backups very seriously to protect against hardware failures. Backup & Replication means that all data is backed up and then replicated to a secondary location every day, automatically. This reduces the burden to businesses and minimises the disruption of the unknown or unavoidable.

Cloud security

One of the main benefits of hosted desktops is the high level of security. At Cloud Ark, updates are automated and come as part of the package. Data is automatically encrypted and multi-factor authentication codes create levels of security normally unattainable to businesses.


Hosted Desktop

Allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime on any device. Not only fast and secure but brings a new level of mobility to your organisation. Remove the risk and burden of managing your own office IT.

Secure Document Exchange

Share files and documents instantly. Seamless file-sharing storage and e-signature solutions for you and your clients, with the utmost security built in.

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We can transfer your web hosting to Cloud Ark or create a custom built website for your business. Let us take care of you online. Reliable, fast & secure.