Cloud Storage for Accountants

Cloud Ark is ideal for accountants, and in many ways was designed with their needs in mind.

On a daily basis, accountants need to be able to store spreadsheets, payroll documents, accounts documents, pdf's, (the list goes on), securely and with a robust backup plan too! This industry, more than most requires a solution that not only speeds up their document security and efficiency, but also puts their clients at ease that their own data is being treated with respect and due diligence.

Cloud Ark provides all of this, plus much, much more. Sharing confidential information with your clients is what Cloud Ark excels at. It will streamline your business instantly, as well as making you compliant in so many ways. GDPR is here to stay.. make sure you're on the right side of it.

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 Using Cloud Ark in your practice will save you time and money (we can almost guarantee this), and will also make your life so much easier, providing peace of mind that the data you hold and share is safe.