What is Cloud Ark?

Cloud Ark is the simple solution to a growing problem.


Store and send files securely.    Manage your clients.    Be GDPR Compliant.

Take a moment to read our checklist of three simple items below, and ask yourself...

Is this you?


Your file storage needs are growing all the time. At the moment you store them on paper in large filing cabinets, local hard drives or removable USB sticks which aren't secure, and will fall foul of the new GDPR EU Directive.

You like having your files close to you so that you have easy access, but you don't have a robust back-up solution. If you are using an off-site backup solution, your files are no longer as easily accessible as they once were. 


You send files to your clients by attaching them to emails. You are not alone; this practice is extremely common, but also very dangerous.

This method is no longer viable due to the risk of the file getting lost or hacked, exposing you to potentially huge fines under the new GDPR Directive if your data does get compromised. Plus, some files are simply too large to attach to emails, leaving you unable to send the file to the client (or client send files to you). 


If your client needs to look at a file again, you need to arrange to send it to them again, either by post or by re-emailing it, causing unnecessary workload and expense in your office. Postage costs alone can run into thousands.

If something needs addressing within the document, such as it needs to be signed by a certain date, then a seperate note in a diary must be created and someone needs to manually track the document against the client, every day.  

How can Cloud Ark help?

Send Safely

With Cloud Ark, all the above is taken care of in one fell swoop. Each of your clients has a personal and secure file locker. Using our intuitive and easy to use package, simply select your client, upload your file, and Cloud Ark does the rest. It will encrypt the file ready for transfer, create a secure "tunnel" between you and us, then upload your file to us through this secure, private tunnel.

Once with us we apply military-grade encryption to it, and store it safely in our Ark, in that particular client's locker. Your file has NEVER travelled across the open, unsecured internet like an email attachment would have done.

Store Safely

Now that your file is stored in Cloud Ark, your client can also see it in their own Cloud Ark portal. Cloud Ark automatically sends an email to your client to let them know it's there. During the upload process you could have easily set a date that you would want the client to read the document by, sign by or simply just want to know when they have read it.

Cloud Ark will then forever track this document and tell you in real-time on your dashboard about all documents that are outstanding, nearing their alert date, or whether they have been read or not. You do not need to do anything more.

Receive Safely

Your client simply logs into their Cloud Ark portal and from here they can access the file just sent, or any other file that is in their file locker. If they choose to download it, Cloud Ark creates another secure tunnel between the Ark and the client, and sends the file to them through the secure, private tunnel .

Again, the file is delivered safely without EVER traversing the open internet. Of course, the client can also send documents to you too, in exactly the same way. They simply do what you did, and you will be notified about it in the same way.