Customer Relationship Management

Cloud Ark is a modern, feature rich Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) combined with best practice secure file storage, making it the ideal CRM used by businesses across all sectors that need to track customer workflow and maintain client details in a secure manner. The Following CRM features come as standard:-

 Storage and retrieval of client/customer details, documents and milestones management. 

 Enterprise level secure communication channel for both your clients and internal office to office communications, as a modern alternative to emails.

 Never send unsecure emails again! Your emails will no longer be stored on an unsecure and third party SMTP server, but safe in our highly encrypted secure cloud.

 Versatile document and event management for your client based work flow; never miss a deadline again!

 Logging, tracking and access control of office user activity, keeping you on top of your business, all with security in mind!

 GDPR compliance, even if your organisation is not based in the EU, EU wide GDPR guidelines requires that all organisations who wish to deal with clients or a customer base  in the EU need to provide compliant working practices and reporting structures.

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 Using Cloud Ark as your CRM gives you the peace of mind that your day to day client and customer management, tracking and document processes are fully compliant from the outset.